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  • Electronic Button Stitch Sewing Machine Introduction ·Over whelmingly superior productivity with the fast cycle time. ·High quality sewing faithfully following the sewing data. ·Realization of wide ranging sewing capabilities and low tension sewing ·Follow-up processing unnecessary after thread trimming. ·Prevents thread cast-off, bird's nests, and Stains on the thread at the beginning of the sewing operation. ·Clean sewing, powerful needle penetration force,adoption of compact flash cards. ·Low noise and low vibration, because of its low power consumption, it is economical. ·MAX sewing area: 6.4*6.4MM

  • Suote is a professional manufacturer of Electronic Eyelet Button Holer. Our professional expertise in manufacturing Electronic Eyelet Button Holer has been honed over the past 20+ years.Electronic eyelet button holer, special for jeans, ST-9820-02 · Enhanced productivity with the high max.sewing speed 2,500 sti/min · Fine stitches with high-precision stitch point · Large arm pocket allowing smooth material handling · Easy maintenance · Easy-to-use operation panel for everyone

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