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How to choose a sewing machine?


1. When selecting, check whether the machine head is bright, whether there is peeling of paint, scratches, pin plate, push plate, panel, upper wheel and other plating layers are intact; whether the pressing plate is straight, whether the paint is cracked or localized; whether the frame is damaged , Paint drop or twist; whether the gap between the upper and lower shafts and the needle bar meets the standard requirements.

2. Remove the belt, lift the presser foot, gently turn the upper wheel, whether it runs smoothly, and whether the needle moves up and down in the middle of the needle plate hole.

3. Whether the machine sound is soft when turning.

4. When stepping on or sewing, first try to sew with two layers of thin cloth to check whether the stitches are flat. Then, if there is no seamless material or the sound is abnormal, try to use the original fabric again to sew the stitch length to 3.6 mm.

5. A more detailed inspection should have a sewing machine repairman present.