• The automatic cup-shaped face mask making machine adopts servo and constant temperature control system. The PLC program controls the material to go through the following procedures: enter → forming → welding → punching, and complete the mask production at one time. The entire production process is fully automated.


  • The automatic cup-shaped face mask making machine is an automatic production equipment for cup-shaped masks. The automatic cup-shaped face mask making machine can automatically complete the shaping, crimping and trimming of three-layer or four-layer cup masks.


  • Why can't I buy a mask? The main reason is that the production capacity can't keep up; why can't the production capacity keep up? Why can't the mask equipment of major manufacturers be shipped? What are the obstacles?


  • Brief analysis of the reasons: the wrong lubricant is added, especially the vegetable oil is added; there is too much dirt in the shuttle bed; the connecting rod screws and cone screws are too tight.


  • Preparation and adjustment work should be carried out under the guidance of the mechanic. After the completion, the sewing operation can be performed. 1. Pay attention to the correct sitting posture. 2. Pay attention to the method of controlling the pedal and presser foot of the motor.


  • 1. Adjust the height of the presser foot. 2. Adjust the interval between the presser foot and the needle. 3. Adjust the position of the feed foot of the presser foot. 4. Adjust the position of the needle bar.