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  • When selecting, check whether the machine head is bright, whether there is peeling of paint, scratches, pin plate, push plate, panel, upper wheel and other plating layers are intact; whether the pressing plate is straight, whether the paint is cracked or localized; whether the frame is damaged , Paint drop or twist; whether the gap between the upper and lower shafts and the needle bar meets the standard requirements.


  • "Buying a sewing machine to Taizhou" has become the first choice of domestic and foreign manufacturers. According to statistics, the annual output of China's sewing machines accounts for three-fifths of the world's total production of sewing machines, and the output of Taizhou's sewing machines accounts for one-third of China's. , Taizhou has become a veritable world base for sewing machine production.


  • The sewing machine we are talking about here is mainly sewing equipment, which can be divided into: general sewing machine, special sewing machine, decorative sewing machine.


  • When picking, see if the machine head is bright, whether there is paint stripping and bumping, whether the plating layer of the needle board, push plate, panel, upper wheel, etc.


  • 1. Adjust the height of the presser foot. 2. Adjust the interval between the presser foot and the needle. 3. Adjust the position of the feed foot of the presser foot. 4. Adjust the position of the needle bar.