Industry knowledge

How to choose a good sewing machine

1、 When selecting the industrial sewing machine, check whether the machine head is bright, whether there is paint peeling and bruise, and whether the electroplated coatings such as needle plate, push plate, panel and upper wheel are intact; Whether the bedplate is straight, and whether there are cracks or local discoloration; Whether the frame is broken, paint falling off and twisted; Whether the clearance between upper shaft, lower shaft and needle bar meets the standard requirements.

2、 Remove the belt plate of the industrial sewing machine, lift the presser foot, gently rotate the upper wheel, check whether it operates freely, and whether the needle rises and falls in the middle of the needle plate hole.

3、 Whether the industrial sewing machine sound is soft when rotating.

4、 When trying to tread and sew of the industrial sewing machine, first try to sew with two layers of thin cloth to check whether the stitches are flat and uniform. Then try sewing with the original cloth to see if the stitch length can reach 3.6mm, and there are phenomena such as no seamless material or abnormal sound.

5、 For more specific inspection, the sewing machine maintenance and preservation worker should be present.