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What are the pattern sewing machines?


In recent years, the industry competition has been fierce. The textile products industries such as clothing, home textiles, cushions, bedding, women's clothing, men's clothing, tablecloths, curtains and other textile products are seeking differentiated products, and the demand for special pattern sewing machines is increasing day by day.

Pattern sewing machines can include trim, tangent, crepe, embroidery, hemming, openwork stitching, and more.

The subdivisions include curved tooth machine, thread alignment machine, shell embroidery, smack wrapping, shovel folding, 8-character twist, delicate dense copying, fan-shaped horizontal walking machine, fancy bead edge car, computer pattern machine, strip machine, Vertical bone embroidery, centipede embroidery, fishing net float, random scene folding machine, two-color rope embroidery, needle embroidery, two-needle mocha pattern machine, silk scarf crimping machine, crimping triangle needle, shell trimming machine, merlot Small shells, lotus root floats, rice grain embroidery, blind seam hemming machine, interlocking inner curved teeth, single-needle shovel folding machine, multi-needle shovel folding machine, double-sided fabric blind sewing machine, imported edge prying machine, Merlot epaulettes machine, tassel machine, etc.

Pattern sewing machines can achieve different effects by changing practices, adjusting machines, changing threads, and installing components.

Small Mouth Pattern Sewing Machine

For most customers, special pattern embroidery is outsourced, and all they do are flat wrap sewing. The use of pattern sewing machines is still unfamiliar. When using a pattern sewing machine, it is necessary to have a special machine and a dedicated person, and the operator needs to be trained in technology and familiar with the machine. Ensure fast, efficient and stable products.