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How to Check for Industrial Sewing Machine Malfunctions?



Industrial sewing machines are widely used in clothing and other enterprises, but as a machine that runs for a long time, it is inevitable that sewing machines will occasionally malfunction, but once a problem occurs, it will give enterprises a headache. Today, I will give you a summary of the detection methods for industrial sewing machine failures. I hope it will help you when testing sewing machines.

The current industrial sewing machine control system usually has the function of intelligent detection of faults. We can determine what kind of fault has occurred in the system according to the different alarm codes of the system, so as to determine where the problem occurs. After knowing the fault code, we can take corresponding measures to repair, but different brands of sewing machine control systems may use different fault codes, but the specific types of faults are basically the same. In addition, the manual of the sewing machine control system is also marked with specific notes.

On the other hand, during the use of industrial sewing machines, maintenance technicians can carefully observe the machine by virtue of its appearance, and then compare it with the situation when the system is working normally, and then narrow down the fault range or directly find the fault location. For example, observe whether there are any scratches on the surface of the controller and the display screen, whether the leads are disconnected, whether the plugs are falling off, whether the components of the circuit board have broken feet, whether the pins touch, or burn.

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