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Why is the industrial sewing machine always disconnected from the line?


The industrial sewing machine that sews the foot pads keeps breaking the thread. How can I fix the small stitches? After changing the needle, it was still broken, and the machine was still beeping. What should I do in such a situation?

There are many reasons for the cross-section line. First, look at all the thread-passing holes, thread-passing racks, needle plates, presser feet, and rotary hooks for burrs. If there are burrs, use fine sandpaper to smooth the parts and try.

Sewing foot pads, then you can know. The fabric should be a little thick, and the second thread breaks and the needle breaks. Obviously, if the fabric is too thick and the needle is too small and too soft, changing the imported needle can effectively prevent needle breakage and thread breakage. The third stitch is too small, you guessed it well, you need to sew the foot pad to have a dense edge and a dense stitch distance, so you need to slow down and use the thread better.