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The benefits of using the electronic pattern machine.


1. Increase the output. A production line before and after using a computerized sewing machine can generally increase the output by 30%-50% (the product process and structure are different)

2. Reduce production workers. At present, enterprises all over the country are facing difficulties in recruiting workers. A computer car can usually support 6-10 people's workload. Is it possible that a larger one can even support 20 people's workload, which greatly reduces Production work.

3. Improve and stabilize the product quality. The computer car is a high-tech precision product that can produce stable, beautiful and complex sewing stitches. It is one of the necessary equipment for high-end sewing products.

4. Enhance corporate image status, for example, customers need to inspect the factory, inspect the factory's management level, production capacity, equipment status, etc. At present, the main decoration customers of many product brands have specified the use of computer car decoration lines and patterns. So owning a computer car is also one of the corporate image.

5. Reduce costs and increase revenue. Some companies feel that it is not worth spending tens of thousands of dollars to buy a computer car, but it is a good deal to carefully calculate the account. Calculated with a computer car worth about 30,000 yuan, a computer car takes the minimum workload standard (6 workers) multiplied by 1,200 yuan (basic salary + standard of living, etc.) and then multiplied by 12 months to get the following formula : 6 people X 1200 yuan X 12 months = 86400 yuan. In one year, the labor cost alone saved 86,400 yuan. Subtracting equipment costs and labor costs, the net profit is 56,400 yuan, which is equivalent to a net profit of two computer cars by replacing labor with machines in one year.

6. The product is specialized, and the computer pattern machine can also edit all kinds of complex patterns. It is a truly modern high-tech automation product.



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