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What are the classifications of sewing machines?


The sewing machine we are talking about here is mainly sewing equipment. The sewing machine sewing equipment can be divided into: general sewing machine, special sewing machine, and decorative sewing machine.

General sewing machine

General industrial sewing machines mainly include: industrial lockstitch sewing machines; household sewing machines; service industry sewing machines; overlock sewing machines; chain sewing machines and interlock sewing machines.
1. Industrial lockstitch sewing machines include: ordinary lockstitch sewing machines, medium and high speed lockstitch sewing machines, high-speed lockstitch sewing machines, semi-automatic lockstitch sewing machines, and automatic lockstitch sewing machines.
2. Overlock sewing machines include: two-thread overlock sewing machine, three-thread overlock sewing machine, four-thread overlock sewing machine, and five-thread overlock sewing machine.

Special sewing machine

Special sewing machines mainly include: buttonhole machine; bar tacking machine; button sewing machine; blind stitch machine; double needle machine; automatic bag opening machine, etc.
1. Buttonholing machines can be divided into: flat-head buttonholing machines and round-head buttonholing machines. The flat-head buttonholing machines can be divided into ordinary flat-head buttonholing machines, medium and high-speed flat-head buttonholing machines, high-speed flat-head buttonholing machines, automatic continuous Flat-head buttonholing machines; Round-head buttonholing machines can be divided into ordinary round-head buttonholing machines, medium and high-speed round-head buttonholing machines, high-speed round-head buttonholing machines, and automatic continuous round-head buttonholing machines.
2. The tacking machine can be divided into: CEI-1 type tacking machine; CEI-2 type tacking machine.
3. Button sewing machine can be divided into: high-speed lockstitch button sewing machine; non-thread button sewing machine; automatic button feeding button sewing machine.

Sewing machine for decoration

Sewing machines for decoration mainly include: computer embroidery machines; zigzag sewing machines; crescent machines; lace machines, etc.