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What is the type of industrial sewing machine


Industrial sewing machines are suitable for sewing machines that mass-produce sewing workpieces in sewing factories or other industrial fields. Usually driven by a motor. What are the characteristics of industrial sewing machines? What types?


The main features of industrial sewing machines are: 1. Strong specificity. Most industrial sewing machines are designed for specific workpieces, even for specific sewing processes. 2 high production efficiency. Depending on the application and the sewing material, 1000 to 10,000 stitches per minute can be sewn. 3 sewing quality is good. The stitched seams and seams are firm and even.

There are more than 3,000 industrial sewing machines. According to the formed stitches, there are mainly five types of lock stitch sewing machines, single-line chain sewing machines, multi-line chain sewing machines, side chain sewing machines and covered chain sewing machines. On the basis of the above, depending on the application, the size of the workpiece, the characteristics and thickness of the sewing material, the seam form, etc., can be divided into various special categories, mainly the sewing machine, overlock sewing machine, stretching sewing machine, locking button hole sewing machine. , Nail button sewing machine, bag sewing machine, leather sewing machine, blind sewing machine, reinforced sewing machine, and various special industrial sewing machines derived therefrom.

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