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Skills of sewing machine running straight


As the saying goes, which makes perfect, the quality of many skills will naturally get better and better, but sometimes we can use some small skills and tools to make everything easier.
Practice more when you are working, and the sewing machine will feel when you use it too much. When you are familiar with a machine, it will be easy for you to do it.
When pressing the edge line, straighten the place that needs to be folded, so that the line coming out of the car will be straight and beautiful. The double line is based on the first line. If the first line is not straight, the back will not be straight.
When the car is in a straight line, it can be compared with the needle plate, and the sewing size can be the same as the distance between the needle plate and the needle plate from the beginning to the end. The specific seam allowance can be made according to the requirements of the clothing.
With the help of the ruler, fix the ruler at the required size. The sewing edge is close to the ruler. The distance from the needle to the ruler is the width of the thread. As long as the distance close to the ruler remains unchanged, the car will be a straight line.
There is also a rule that is attracted to the needle board by a magnet. This kind of easy displacement is rarely used now.
When using a double-needle machine, the thread distance from the double-needle locomotive is consistent and beautiful. Minimize pauses when threading, and do not move the fabric at will.
If the distance is too long, and the position of the car line is not a sideline, you can draw a straight line with chalk, and then follow the chalk mark to car line. This is suitable for quilting of padded jacket and down.

The material and cutting of the fabric will also have a certain impact.