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How to quickly master the skills of sewing machine for novices

For people who are new to sewing machines, it is not easy to drive a straight line without knowing how to use the sewing machine. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. There are two key points to master the basic skills of sewing machine use: 1. Practice more; 2. Find the correct reference point.
At the beginning, you can draw some straight or curved lines on the white paper for practice. The needle does not need to be threaded, and the paper is better than the cloth to play with, which can avoid the slip of the cloth or the knotting of the thread. You are distracted.
Sewing machine use exercise 1: First, let the needle face the line and let them move forward along the same track.
Sewing machine use exercise 2: After you have mastered how to sew directly against the line, you can try to deviate the line from the needle and align it with the outer edge of your sewing machine presser foot. At this time, your line of sight should be Facing the edge of the presser foot instead of the needle, try to see if you can make the needle and the line move in a horizontal direction!
Sewing machine use exercise 3: Then you can practice curve and turning sewing. At the turning point, you should put the needle into the "cloth" first, then lift the presser foot, rotate the "cloth" with the needle as the fulcrum, and then lower the press The foot continues.

Through the above methods, you can quickly master the sewing machine using skills. If you can already produce beautiful lines on paper, there shouldn’t be any problems with field exercises on fabrics.