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Types of sewing machines


1. Pedal lockstitch sewing machine: a grandma level sewing machine, the most common pedal lockstitch sewing machine in the 60-80s, use the right hand to move the pulley from top to bottom, and at the same time the pedal starts to move, and the feet follow the up and down movement of the pedal. Hard.
2. Computer sewing machine: This kind of sewing machine is the home sewing machine we use most. It has a small computer screen built in. There are many patterns inside the home sewing machine. The length and width of the stitch can be adjusted. Some can sew letters, numbers, symbols, etc. Some sewing machines have built-in functions such as automatic thread trimming, START/STOP button, automatic tension adjustment, custom combination stitches, sewing speed adjustment, reinforcement buttons, and many other humanized design functions. Different sewing machine brands have different product characteristics. 
3. Electronic sewing machine: The sewing speed is controlled by the circuit. Generally, the pedal is used to control the sewing speed. The sewing speed is very strong, the sewing speed is very fast, the area is large, and it takes up space. It is generally used for industrial sewing machines. For beginners Generally speaking, it is not suitable for beginners, because the sewing speed is fast, so it can only be used by skilled people.

4. Computerized embroidery machine: built-in small and medium-sized computer screen LCD, and also have LCD display screen, use the embroidery stretch to tighten the fabric, and then the computer automatically embroiders; you can also use the embroidery software to freely design and draw patterns, and then save the U disk embroidery file , And then insert the U disk into the computerized embroidery machine, so you can embroider. Of course, some electronic sewing machines and computer sewing machines are a combination, which can embroider or sew; there are also pure computer embroidery machines alone. 

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