Industry knowledge

Technical principle of slicer


The mask slicer can automatically complete multiple processes from feeding to one-time forming, cutting and returning. Compared with traditional manual feeding, returning and cutting, it can save 3-5 manual labor and can produce 60 masks per minute.-70, the mask forming machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, good mask stability, convenient and accurate counting, high utilization rate of raw materials, and few operators.

1. Extensive, high-precision torque control range makes subtle mechanical torque adjustment possible by changing the current.Torque range (3%-100);

2. Stable torque transmission, long-life high-performance magnetic powder makes the torque transmission reach an ideal state, and the performance can be kept stable even after long-term use;

3. Good heat release effect, large heat capacity, high frequency, continuous sliding use;

4. The structure with cushioning effect can smoothly carry out power connection and braking.Enhance the durability of machinery;

5. Different from the dry friction method, so there will be no noise when working;

6. Because of the fast response speed, it can withstand high frequency use.