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Sewing machine safety operation procedures


First, the preparation of the sewing machine before use:
1. Wipe all parts of the machine first; compete and check if the fastening parts between the parts are loose.
2. Check whether the oil L is unobstructed and lubricate according to the lubrication requirements.
3. Check whether there are any obstacles in each moving part, whether the protective device is intact,
4. Check whether the position between the presser foot and the needle, and between the presser foot and the feed dog is reasonable.

5. After the above preparations are confirmed, there is no error. Only connect the power supply, raise the presser foot, run the empty car, and check if the direction of the handwheel is correct. If it is not correct, the power supply should be adjusted.

Second, the sewing machine adjustment:
1. Adjust the height of the presser foot.
2. Adjust the interval between the presser foot and the needle.
3. Adjust the position of the feed foot of the presser foot.
4, adjust the position of the needle bar
5. Adjust the size of the stitch code.

6. Adjust the elastic force of the thread take-up spring.

Third, the sewing machine operation:
The above preparation and adjustment work should be carried out under the guidance of the mechanic. After the completion, the sewing operation can be performed.
1. Pay attention to the correct sitting position:
2. Pay attention to the method of controlling the motor to step on the pedal and press the foot.
3. Pay attention to the correct method of installing the bobbin.
4, pay attention to the correct threading, needle lifting, needle closing, needle operation.
5, pay attention to feeding, receiving operations.
6, pay attention to the cornering operation.
7, pay attention to the correct way to the bottom line.

8. Do not run at high speed during the beginning of school.

Fourth, the sewing machine maintenance rules:
1. If abnormal phenomena are found during work (especially abnormal phenomena in high-speed operation parts), stop immediately and inform the mechanic to find out the cause, adjust or repair, eliminate the fault, and strictly prohibit the operation of the disease. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle the machine.
2. When you need to leave the machine, please shut down in time.
3, the machine has not been used for a long time, should be cleaned first, coated with protective grease, properly kept, fully lubricated at least once in half a year, and run for a short time.
4, one-level maintenance in three months, secondary maintenance every six months.