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Main classifications of industrial sewing machines


The sewing machine we are talking about here is mainly sewing equipment, sewing machine sewing equipment can be divided into: general sewing machine, special sewing machine, decorative sewing machine.
Universal sewing machine
General industrial sewing machine mainly includes: industrial sewing machine; household sewing machine; service industry sewing machine; wrapping machine; chain sewing machine, sewing machine.
1. Industrial sewing machine includes: ordinary sewing machine, medium and high speed sewing machine, high speed sewing machine, semi-automatic sewing machine, automatic sewing machine.
2, the sewing machine includes: double thread sewing machine, three wire sewing machine, four wire sewing machine and five wire sewing machine.
Special sewing machine
The special sewing machine mainly includes: keyhole machine; knotting machine; nailing machine; dark sewing machine; double needle machine; automatic bag opener and so on.
1. Eye-locking machine can be divided into: flat-headed eyeliner and round-headed eyeliner, of which flat-headed eyeliner can be divided into ordinary flat-headed eyeliner, high-speed flat-headed eyeliner, high-speed flat-headed eyeliner, automatic continuous flat-headed eyeliner; round-headed eyeliner can be divided into ordinary round-headed eyeliner, medium-high-speed round-headed eyeliner, high-speed round-headed eyeliner, Automatic continuous round eye lock machine.
2, tying machine can be divided into: CEI-1 type knot machine; CEI-2 type knot machine.
3, button machine can be divided into: high speed sewing machine, no thread thread button machine, automatic button fastening machine.
Sewing machine for decoration
Decorative sewing machines mainly include: computerized embroidery machines, twists sewing machines, crescent machines, lace machines, etc.
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