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Sewing machine and its purchasing skills


What is your first impression of sewing machine? The black-headed motives in my hometown, the high-speed industrial machines in my factory, or the small electric sewing machines in IKEA shopping mall? The following garment microfabrication shows you all kinds of sewing machines.
In the past, material poverty, home clothes and quilts need to make their own, sewing machine is a necessary home; later, more and more rich material, more and more ready-made clothes, sewing machine slowly disappeared in everyone's vision. And now? If you've ever noticed the home decoration in foreign movies, if you've ever heard of sewing clubs all over the world, you might feel that feeling. Yes, developed countries have a huge number of sewing fans, who are not rigid in the same way as they are, and who enjoy their own unique beauty, sewing to them. It's no longer a factory where machines roar, it's a quiet and beautiful way of life, and we, like household sewing machines, account for only 3% of the world's sales in China.
So, how to choose sewing machines? Is it clear what plan to do? And what kind of effect should we really realize?
Think about it carefully. Our needs may be vague and changeable. Suddenly, for example, you see an excellent piece of work. Is your inspiration blown up?
Let's see what they look like first.
Electric household sewing machine, is a set of multiple functions in one machine, not only can straight line sewing, curve sewing, but also nail buttons, lock edge and so on. The interior is equipped with an electric motor, which can be sewed only by stepping on the pedal lightly.
Intelligent household appliances are becoming more and more popular. They are controlled by microcomputers. They can easily realize hundreds or thousands of patterns, including letters and numbers. Not only can they be buttoned and locked, but they can even be turned into an embroidery machine. The operation is becoming more and more convenient. In fact, the intelligent machine is more suitable for novice drivers, just like a car with automatic transmission. Easy to move.
Industrial sewing machine, this is used for production, in order to be efficient, so fast and single function is its characteristics. Speed is at least 3-5 times as fast as a household machine, and high speed requires good stability, so from inside to outside are made of metal, weight is large; single function, such as a straight sewing machine can only walk straight.