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Analysis of the reasons why the mask machine equipment cannot be delivered


Why can't I buy a mask? The main reason is that the production capacity can't keep up; why can't the production capacity keep up? Why can't the mask equipment of major manufacturers be shipped? What are the obstacles?

Reason one: accessories can't keep up

Affected by the epidemic, most laborers are passively trapped at home, some electronic component manufacturers have not yet started work, and sheet metal processors are also understaffed. The output of various accessories is limited. There are at least 600-800 automatic mask equipment Only a complete production line can be assembled with accessories. All the accessories are indispensable, making the automatic equipment manufacturers capable of making masks equipment very passive.

Reason two: unstable debugging

There are always unexpected occurrences in the actual manufacturing process, and most professional non-mask machine manufacturers are produced by buying and selling drawings. The theory is okay. The equipment was made with the help of a purchased drawing, but because it is a layman, how to debug the machine and ensure the production capacity has become an urgent problem to be solved. The manufacturer failed to deliver due to inability to start or unstable start-up operation.