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What industrial sewing machine?


Industrial sewing machines, as the name suggests, refer to sewing machines suitable for large-scale production in sewing factories or other industrial sectors.

Characteristics of industrial sewing machines:

1. Strong laying ability: Most industrial sewing machines are specially designed for a specific workpiece, or even for a specific sewing worker.

2. Production efficiency: According to different uses and sewing materials, it can sew 1000 to 10000 stitches per minute.

3. Good sewing quality: The stitches and seams are firm and neat.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of industrial sewing machines

1. Advantages: High power, fast sewing speed, good stability, solid and durable leather, wider range of thickness, ability to operate with high intensity for a long time, suitable for large-scale processing.

2. Disadvantages: Industrial sewing machines can only sew simple straight lines, with relatively simple functions, large volume, and bulky, occupying space, inconvenient movement, and high noise during operation.